Ideal Printers for Your Business


Need to buy new printers for your enterprise? Of course, considering printer for your business would be a little bit different by considering printer choice for your home use. If you want to prepare a new printer for your enterprise, you would be better to cross check your company needs and make sure that the printer can work well for your company needs.

Recommended Printers for Enterprise

Yes, it is a little bit pickier when we need to prepare the printer for the company. We have to make sure whether the printer is good enough and strong enough to print all the needs of our enterprise printing activities. Then, to help you find the printer that good for your enterprise, you can check out these names!

  • Ricoh SP-213w

This laser printer is classified as one of the most affordable for any enterprise. Even though the price is affordable, this printer still can give its best performance for your company. It is available for B6, B5, A6, A5, and A4 printing paper sizes. The weight of this printer is only about 7.2kg.

Besides all the mentioned details, this printer has the ability for albeit manual printing, which makes this printer available for printing for the two sides of the paper manually. For the monthly production, this printer will be available to print about 20,000 pages in total.

  • Brother HL-L8360CDW

If you are looking for a printer with a fast speed of printing, this printer is the right solution for you. For the speed, it is about 31ppm and available for A4, A5, and A6 printing paper sizes. The price of this printer is about $384.26 and it is quite big in size with the weight about 21.9kg. However, if you decide to buy this printer, you have to buy another separated scanner if you need to use the scanner since it is not supported with it.

  • HP PageWide Pro 477dw

This printer is considered as one of the fastest printers for you since it can print your document with 55ppm in speed. Meanwhile, it is also available for various printing paper size. For the capacity of the paper, it is available for 500 sheets of paper. However, it is quite a heavy printer, since the total weight of this printer is 22.2kg.

  • Epson EcoTank ET-4550

If you use this printer for business, you will get several opportunities. For the example, you can print your documents in a quiet vary of paper sizes. Then, it is also quite light in weight, which is only about Meanwhile, for the capacity of the paper, it is about 150 sheets of paper. You can get this printer with $599.99.

How to Choose Printer for Your Business

After knowing several names which are good for business, you still have to know the right things to do to get the right decision on buying a business printer. In choosing the right printer for your company, it would be good to choose based on the function. It is something good if you can buy the one with the most multifunctional features in it. It means that you will not only using the printer for printing, but you also can use it for many things like copying, scanning and many more.

Besides that, do not forget about the access to connect with the printer. Consider about the USB cable or Wi-Fi availability of the printer that you will buy. Do not forget to consider about the Bluetooth too, if you think that would turn out helpful for your business. After considering all of those features that featured on the printer, you can decide to buy the printer, as you already agree with all the risks and quality that you will get.


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